Hello :)

It’s taken several goes to get this blog happening but we are now in business and we hope that the content of the blog will provide a useful backdrop to these fairly important issues related to our sexuality and sexual identities as Christian believers.

Content from this blog is automatically syndicated to the Facebook page whenever a new post is made, so you can just follow Facebook if you want to keep up with the content we are publishing here.

The blog is marked as “adult content” in the WordPress.com management system, purely because some of the content may be more suitable for mature audiences. We are just wanting to be really careful about complying with the expectations of both WordPress and Facebook, because some ministries working in this area have had significant problems with Facebook in particular limiting them from posting content whether directly onto Facebook or from an attached page.

So we hope this blog touches upon the important issues that we face as Christians in relation to our sexuality, sexual identity and how the world views Christian beliefs in these matters.